Uli Gradinger

Saxophonist / Composer

We play jazz music in the feel and style of the 1960's. We pay attention to dynamics and sound and we swing. We love groove, swing, funk and shuffle and we find it all in the jazz music of that era; 1960's.

We can play as a background band at your company event or private party or as the main act.

No matter how loud or soft we play and what role we play at your event, we have fun playing the music we love together and that will guarantee you a wonderful time with us at your event.

The band usually consists of saxophone, guitar, bass and drums. We can alter this slightly for your event; solo saxophone, duo or trio or add a singer, trumpet and/or trombone, guitar, etc. We will accommodate your needs.

Listen to samples of the style of music here.


Uli Gradinger



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